Spigen And Ossia Team Up For A ‘True’ Wireless Charging Case

For years we have been waiting to see “true” wireless charging. These days wireless charging means putting our devices on a charging pad, which in a way still leaves us tethered because when our devices leave the pad, it stops charging. However that future of true wireless charging could be getting close, and Spigen and Ossia could help usher that era in.Ossia has been working on wireless charging tech for a while now and have worked with various companies in the past. However at CES this week, the company and Spigen showed off a smartphone case that would bring about true wireless charging. This case when attached to a smartphone would allow it to receive wireless signals from Ossia’s wireless power transmitter from a distance of 10-12 feet.This means that within a small room, like a bedroom, your device will remain perpetually charged as long as the transmitter is on and the case is attached to the phone. Unfortunately Ossia does not mention when the its tech will be available for purchase (they are said t

Spigen 'Forever Sleeve' case will charge your phone even in your pocket - CNET

A partnership with startup Ossia will bring over-the-air wireless charging within about a year, but it's at CES today.

Thu 10 Jan 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

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