T-Mobile roasts AT&T for updating phones with a fake 5G logo

We don’t usually pay much attention to T-Mobile’s Twitter antics, but earlier today the carrier had a solid retort to some nonsense from AT&T. In response to AT&T updating a few different phones to show a “5G E” connectivity logo — despite being completely incapable of connecting to a 5G network — T-Mobile tweeted a short video of someone putting a sticky note reading “9G” on top of their iPhone’s LTE icon. It’s a simple and dumb stunt. And it’s a completely fair metaphor for what AT&T is doing. AT&T is updating three phones (Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active and LG’s V30 and V40) to show this pseudo-5G icon when they’re connected to LTE networks that have received some speed-boosting updates. While it’s true that the connections may be... Continue reading…

AT&T under fire for updating handsets to show 5G logos even though none can connect

AT&T is under fire for showing smartphone users the 5G logo on handsets- even though they are not connected to the much anticipated next generation network.

Mon 7 Jan 19 from Daily Mail

No, your AT&T phone doesn't have 5G yet - CNET

"5G E" isn't actually 5G.

Mon 7 Jan 19 from CNET

AT&T misleads customers by updating phones with fake 5G icon

AT&T has updated three smartphones from Samsung and LG to make them show 5G connectivity logos, even though none of them are capable of connecting to 5G networks. Now, when ...

Mon 7 Jan 19 from The Verge

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