Verizon reorganizes structure under new CEO to prep for 5G

We roasted Verizon last year when it brought it merged its AOL and Yahoo purchases into a new group called Oath. Today, the companyís CEO Guru Gowrappan announced that Oath is no more; Verizonís collective media outlets will be called the Verizon Media Group starting in 2019. This shift comes with other organizational changes that mostly involve segmenting Verizonís respective businesses from one another, including new consumer and business-focused groups. Oathís media assets (including the Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Engadget, and Tumblr) are all continuing onward under the new, less bizarre parent company name. Oath, HuffPost's oddly-named corporate parent company that came of merging AOL and Yahoo, is phasing out the name and... Continue reading…

Verizon reorganizes structure under new CEO to prep for 5G

Verizon is undergoing a significant restructuring under new CEO Hans Vestberg, including its dominant wireless division, as it prepares to roll out its 5G technology.

Mon 5 Nov 18 from

Verizon is reorganizing to prepare for a 5G future

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg on Monday announced a substantial restructuring built around three key customer-facing areas: Consumer, Business and Verizon Media Group / Oath.

Mon 5 Nov 18 from Techspot

Verizon Splits Into 3 Business Groups As It Sets Course For 5G Future

Companies are racing to deploy 5G networks and expanding their products and services portfolios for the upcoming era of high-speed wireless connectivity. In an attempt to stay ahead of the ...

Mon 5 Nov 18 from HotHardware

Verizon to reorganize business segments

Verizon Communications Inc said on Monday it will reorganize its business segments into Consumer, Business and Verizon Media Group/Oath to focus on the types of customers it serves.

Mon 5 Nov 18 from Reuters Technology

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