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Court blocks FCC from cutting broadband subsidies in tribal lands

The FCC has hit a snag in its plan to curb broadband subsidies for low-income homes. A DC appeals court has issued a stay order temporary blocking the regulator from limiting the $25 ...

7 hours ago from Engadget

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Rural carriers accuse Verizon of lying about 4G coverage - CNET

The inaccurate coverage map could lead to rural carriers missing out on $4.5 billion in government subsidies. Verizon denies the claims and says it has complied with FCC requirements.

Wed 8 Aug 18 from CNET

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Now PS Vue subscribers can get FX's ad-free service

FX's $6-per-month ad-free subscription service FX+ lets viewers watch the network's shows ahead of their air date, and last week, they opened it up to all cable customers. ...

Thu 9 Aug 18 from Engadget

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Millions of Internet users are paying high prices for slow connections

Millions of Internet users in rural and underserved markets are paying out the wazoo for access to dated technology that delivery comparatively slow connection speeds.

Wed 8 Aug 18 from Techspot

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Best live TV streaming services for cord-cutters - CNET

Live TV streaming services are a small but growing alternative to traditional cable TV, and a great adjunct to Netflix or Hulu. Here's what you need to know.

Thu 2 Aug 18 from CNET

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Slow broadband needs switch-off date, say business leaders

The government should set a date for turning off the copper network, says the Institute of Directors.

Tue 31 Jul 18 from BBC Technology

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Nokia to help with T-Mobile superfast telecom network

Nokia will help T-Mobile deploy a superfast "5G" mobile internet network across the United States in a $3.5-billion deal, the companies announced Monday.

Mon 30 Jul 18 from

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Ofcom rules broadband, TV and mobile providers must warn customers they are nearing end of contract

Ofcom, headquartered in London, said more than 20 million Britons were outside their minimum contract period and could be paying more than they needed to. (Stock image)

Tue 31 Jul 18 from Daily Mail

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New York moves to break up Charter’s merger with Time Warner Cable

State regulators have accused the company of acting in "bad faith."

Fri 27 Jul 18 from The Washington Post

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