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Ajit Pai orders phone companies to adopt new anti-robocall tech in 2019

Pai threatens "regulatory" action if carriers don't use Caller ID authentication.

Thu 14 Feb 19 from Arstechnica

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‘These maps are bogus’: U.S. lawmakers tear into telecom execs over spotty rural coverage

Members of Congress are complaining directly to wireless carrier leaders.

Thu 14 Feb 19 from The Washington Post

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Sling TV closes year with 2.4 million subscribers, but growth slowed significantly

Sling TV’s growth has slowed dramatically as the competitive landscape for live TV streaming services has heated up. Despite this, the Dish -owned streaming service remains ahead of rivals ...

Wed 13 Feb 19 from TechCrunch

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Why is a prison company storing the voice prints of even innocent people?

Correctional facilities around the nation are building databases with hundreds of thousands of voice prints from incarcerated people–including pretrial detainees. This story originally ...

Thu 14 Feb 19 from Fastcompany Tech

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This is a great weekend to get your fibre broadband deal sorted: see the best cheap plans

We've tracked down the best fibre broadband deals available this week, with cheap plans from the likes of BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk.

4 hours ago from Techradar

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AT&T Provides 5G Status Update, Adds Chicago And Minneapolis To 2019 Rollout

AT&T is giving a status update of sorts on its nascent 5G wireless network. The second-place U.S. wireless carrier first lit up its network in December in the following markets: Atlanta, Charlotte, ...

Tue 12 Feb 19 from HotHardware

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Sprint sues AT&T over the company's use of '5G E,' claims false advertising

AT&T's calling its latest 4G LTE network "5G E" isn't just drawing the ire of tech media and fans. It's now drawing fire from Sprint in the form of a lawsuit.

Tue 12 Feb 19 from

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Texas lawmaker wants to ban mobile throttling in disaster areas

Democrat proposes ban apparently in response to Verizon throttling firefighters.

Mon 11 Feb 19 from Arstechnica

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British mobile users could face roaming fees in the event of a no-deal Brexit

The UK is working to come up with a trade agreement with the European Union and is facing a rapidly approaching a deadline before a mandated withdrawal from the economic bloc. In ...

Sun 10 Feb 19 from The Verge

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