Tetris Effect is a glorious love letter to Tetris

Tetris is a game that has followed me for my entire life. Itís the first video game I ever played on the NES, while the Game Boy iteration was the first portable experience I couldnít put down. Since then, Iíve played it on nearly every device Iíve owned ó from terrible mobile adaptations to freeware PC takes on the game. But despite being one of the most beloved and popular video games of all time, the current state of Tetris is rather dire. There are a handful of neat spinoffs, like Puyo Puyo Tetris, but most modern iterations are either gimmicky or just plain bad. Itís hard to find something thatís as good as the pure experience of the original. Thatís what makes Tetris Effect so special: itís a spectacular, strange ode to everything... Continue reading…

The Real-life ĎTetris Effectí

Tue 13 Nov 18 from Techradar

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