Microsoft Introduces New AI Features To Word

There are plenty of note-taking apps and reminder apps out there, but in case you’re someone who uses Microsoft Word to jot down everything, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has recently made some improvements to Word where they are introducing new AI features that will make your life a little easier.According to Microsoft, “Today, we’re starting to roll out new capabilities to Word that help users create and fill in these placeholders without leaving the flow of their work. For example, type TODO: finish this section or <<insert closing here>> and Word recognizes and tracks them as to-dos. When you come back to the document, you’ll see a list of your remaining to-dos, and you can click each one to navigate back to the right spot.”Microsoft also adds that its AI system can learn and adapt to your needs. “Over time, Office will use AI to help fill in many of these placeholders. In the next few months, Word will use Microsoft Search to suggest content for a to-do like <<in

Microsoft Introduces New AI Features To Word

Wed 7 Nov 18 from Ubergizmo

Microsoft Office 365's Word is getting a to-do list feature

The company is in the early stages of testing a "to-do" feature in the Office 365 version of Word, according to a blog post published by Microsoft 365 VP Jared Spataro today.

Wed 7 Nov 18 from Techspot

Microsoft Word will automatically create to-do lists for you

Microsoft will start turning the notes you leave in Word documents into to-do lists. The company is testing a new feature in its word processor that will automatically detect notes ...

Wed 7 Nov 18 from Engadget

Microsoft Word is getting a to-do feature to help people manage documents

Microsoft is starting to test a new to-do feature in Word today. The software maker found that a lot of people leave notes in their Word documents as placeholders to add more text, ...

Wed 7 Nov 18 from The Verge

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