Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET

Earlier today during E3 2018, Nintendo officially announced Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which would be launching on the Nintendo Switch. No doubt this is great news and we’re sure that there are many gamers who are eager to get their hands on it. What’s even better news is that it looks like the GameCube’s controllers will be supported.There are many Smash players out there who feel that the GameCube’s controllers are better for playing the game. Of course these are personal preferences, but it is obvious that this is what a good many players feel. If you do have some lying around then you will be able to use them with the game just fine.If you don’t, there are probably some you can find online on websites such as eBay. Alternatively we have recently heard that PowerA could be making officially licensed GameCube controllers for the Switch, so that could be worth checking out if you’d prefer owning a new controller versus one that’s second hand.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set for a release on the 7th of Dece

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET

Commentary: The new Super Smash Bros. has directional influence from the competitive scene. Here's what Nintendo got right.

Sat 16 Jun 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Every detail from E3 2018 - CNET

We got our first look at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 2018, and Nintendo fans are going to be very, very happy.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from CNET

Nintendo forgot to talk about its paid online service at E3 - CNET

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming out this year, but Nintendo didn't say anything about the Nintendo Switch Online service you'll need to play it.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from CNET

Smash Bros. Ultimate hands-on: We put new fighters, new features to the test

We get nearly an hour to put 30 unlocked Smash fighters through their combat paces.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from Arstechnica

Experience Nintendo's E8 2018 booth without having to go to LA

I made a beeline for Nintendo's booth as soon as E3's showfloor opened. (Bizarrely, this is actually the first official show day.) The company had wrapped up its big Nintendo ...

Wed 13 Jun 18 from Engadget

Nintendo Officially Unveils Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A few months ago, Nintendo confirmed that a new Super Smash Bros. game would be launching for the Nintendo Switch. However the company was mum on the details and apart from a confirmation, ...

Tue 12 Jun 18 from Ubergizmo

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' is a refinement of a classic formula

It's December 1999. I'm sitting in my best friend's smoke-filled bedroom, frantically mashing the buttons of an N64 controller and having the time of my life. Six months ...

Tue 12 Jun 18 from Engadget

Watch Nintendo's E3 presentation in under 9 minutes

As is tradition, Nintendo didn't take the stage at E3 and opted instead to show a pre-recorded Direct video, which showed plenty of teased and some never-before-seen Switch ...

Tue 12 Jun 18 from Engadget

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will include every single fighter in the franchise

Nintendo's E3 presentation is underway, and so far it's largely centered around one game in particular - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Nintendo Switch iteration of the popular game franchise.

Tue 12 Jun 18 from Techspot


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