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Hackers used Microsoft Word bug 'for months'

The bug was exploited for months before it was fixed, according to security researchers.

10 hours ago from BBC Technology

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Windows 10 Creators Update: Microsoft warns users of 'issues'

Customers should sit tight and wait for the company to roll the new software out to their machines

14 hours ago from The Independent

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BBC exposes flaws in 'world's most secure' email service

Security experts find several flaws that challenge Nomx's claims it gives users 'absolute security'.

7 hours ago from BBC Technology

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Persona 5 developers updated their streaming guidelines, but didn’t fix the big problem

Atlus is walking back its previous restrictions for streaming Persona 5. Where players were warned before not to stream past the in-game date of 7 / 7, the publisher has since amended ...

7 hours ago from The Verge

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FalseGuide Malware Ensnared 2 Million Android Users In Zombie Botnet Via Google Play

Official app stores are supposed to be safe havens for mobile users to download and install programs and games without fear of mucking up their smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately that is ...

10 hours ago from HotHardware

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Uber will show users their rating to improve behaviour

Uber's two new updates go into effect globally today, and aim to make the system fairer. Riders' ratings will be more accessible, and drivers won't be penalized for some factors in Pool trips. ...

Wed 26 Apr 17 from Daily Mail

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Geek deals: Get Ten Online Programming Courses for just $49

Ever wanted to make apps of your own? Maybe you’re looking to start a new career in the software development field. Well, SkillWise currently has a bundle of ten courses that will help ...

9 hours ago from

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Project Scorpio: Xbox chief on Microsoft's plans for console domination

In an exclusive interview, head of Xbox Phil Spencer explains the vision behind Project Scorpio and what it adds to the Xbox One generationEarlier this month, Microsoft did something console ...

18 hours ago from

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Hasselhoff-bot stars in AI-scripted film - CNET

Self-learning algorithms provide the dialogue in this surreal short science-fiction film, starring David Hasselhoff as the Hoffbot.

Wed 26 Apr 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

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Improved tire physics in Project Cars 2 makes the game more realistic and accessible

While racing games are fairly popular, most don’t offer a very realistic driving experience. 2015’s Project Cars was one of the exceptions. The racing simulator was generally well ...

11 hours ago from Techspot

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