Lovot is the first robot I can see myself getting emotionally attached to

It was love at first sight, the same way you know you’ll love a dog the first time you meet one because, well, it’s a dog. I had heard about the Lovot companion robot before I saw it in person at CES this week, so I knew that its functions were minimal, and the typical reasons to be skeptical of robots that overpromise to make your life easier didn’t apply here. Unlike traditional robots which aim to provide useful services, Lovot is the opposite. According to its maker Groove X, it “begs for attention and gets in the way of those it lives with.” Lovot is specifically designed to create emotional attachment, its only purpose to be loved, and it accomplished that goal the second I looked into its sweet eyes. To be fair, the eyes were... Continue reading…

At CES 2019, I met a robot that showed me a future where we're not so lonely - CNET

Commentary: Half of Americans say they're lonely, but Katie Collins finds hope at CES in the promise of Groove X's Lovot robot.

Wed 9 Jan 19 from CNET

A robot I met at CES 2019 showed me a future where we're not so lonely - CNET, Wed 9 Jan 19 from CNET

TCL is working on 8K Roku TVs with built-in voice control

It was only a matter of time. Today, TCL announced that it's working on a range of 8K HDR TVs, called the 8-Series, that will launch in the US later this year in a variety of screen ...

Mon 7 Jan 19 from Engadget

TCL's first soundbars ship this spring

TCL is getting into the soundbar game -- no, for real this time! Last year, the company announced the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar, the first product in a new line of Alto-branded audio ...

Mon 7 Jan 19 from Engadget

Groove X's Lovot is a fuzzy and utterly adorable robot

Some robots are designed to build cars. Others are meant to perform surgery or help astronauts in space. The Lovot, however, has a far simpler and adorable mission in life: to make ...

Mon 7 Jan 19 from Engadget

Move over Furby: Japanese robot designed to love and hug lonely humans eyes launch in the U.S.

Standing at just 16in tall, Lovot is complete with a tail, a belly for rubbing and a pair of saucer-shaped eyes that are comprised of 16 layers, enabling them to blink and search the room realistically.

Mon 7 Jan 19 from Daily Mail

The weirdest gadgets from CES 2019

Wed 9 Jan 19 from Techradar

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