Sex robots are already here, but are they healthy for humans?

Proponents of sex robots want us to believe that they’re more than toys; they’re companions that help us with relationship problems and improve our quality of life. But there’s no good evidence that says having sex with robots has health or therapeutic benefits, according to a review of the research published this week. This doesn’t mean they’re bad. It just means that we need more studies before we fall for claims that sex dolls spell the end of loneliness. Despite being a $30 billion business, sex robots still don’t have the best reputation, so it makes sense that makers are trying to position them as therapeutic aids. Supporters point to three intriguing possibilities: sex robots can lead to safer sex (by getting rid of sex... Continue reading…

Sex robots are already here, but are they healthy for humans?

World, meet Harmony. Completely artificial and programmed by computer chips, the somewhat lifelike sex robot is marketed by sex doll maker Realbotix for $15,000. According to The Guardian, she's ...

Tue 5 Jun 18 from

Shallow and mechanical: no evidence that sex with robots can be therapeutic

Advocates of robo-intimacy peddle hype and hope with zero grounds to do so, says a new report. Stephen Fleischfresser reports.

Mon 4 Jun 18 from Cosmos Magazine

Health claims behind sex robots remain unproven

(Reuters Health) - Health benefits claimed by marketers of sex robots - safer sex, therapeutic possibilities, and the potential to treat pedophiles and sex offenders - haven't been proven, or ...

Mon 11 Jun 18 from Reuters

Surprise: Soulless Sex Robots Offer No Human Health Benefits

Sex, like milk, does a body good: it lowers blood pressure, burns calories, lessens pain, improves sleep, and eases stress. Unfortunately for well-heeled loners, though, there is no evidence ...

Wed 6 Jun 18 from

Supposed health benefits of sexbots have no meat to them, new study says

The science isn't in yet that sexbots benefit society in any way.

Tue 5 Jun 18 from ZME Science

Sex robots with health benefits are a giant tease, experts warn

These violent delights may indeed have violent ends, experts write in an editorial.

Tue 5 Jun 18 from Ars Technica

There's no evidence having sex with robots is healthy, report says

Some sex robot creators have been working on the machines for decades, but a new report out of the U.K. shows the medical community can't endorse them as a healthy companion.        

Tue 5 Jun 18 from USA today

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