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Should robots have rights?

As robots gain citizenship and potential personhood in parts of the world, it's appropriate to consider whether they should also have rights.

Fri 8 Dec 17 from

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Leg it! Cockroaches change gait for extra speed

Just as a horse can go from a trot to a gallop, cockroaches can find an extra gear when survival demands. Andrew Masterson reports.

8 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Alita: Battle Angel Trailer Asks if Anime Eyes Belong on a Human (No)

When this trailer started making the rounds on the internet earlier today, most people reacted with a resounding, “wait, what?” Seriously, even people who have been following this ...

Sat 9 Dec 17 from

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Delivery robots will need permits to roam San Francisco

Delivery robots in San Francisco will need permits before they can roam city sidewalks under legislation approved by city supervisors.

Wed 6 Dec 17 from

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Honda's 3E robot concepts ready to roll into CES

Honda is to showcase new robotics concepts at CES aimed at helping to improve people's lives. Part of its 3E outlook, which stands for "Empower, Experience, Empathy," the bots have been ...

Thu 7 Dec 17 from Gizmag

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Video Friday: ROS 10 Years, Robotic Imaginations, and Centimetre Bots

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Fri 8 Dec 17 from IEEE Spectrum

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Engineers refine method to instruct robots to collaborate through demonstration

Like toddlers, robots can use a little help as they learn to function in the physical world. That's the purpose of a Rice University program that gently guides robots toward the most helpful, ...

Mon 4 Dec 17 from

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Singapore researchers' 'Manta Ray' underwater robot

Researchers in Singapore have built an underwater robot that looks and swims like a manta ray, using only single motors and flexible fins to propel it through water.

Mon 4 Dec 17 from Daily Mail

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How can humans keep the upper hand on artificial intelligence?

EPFL researchers have shown how human operators can maintain control over a system comprising several agents that are guided by artificial intelligence.

Fri 1 Dec 17 from

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Cheap origami-inspired muscles are both soft and strong

Boston MA (SPX) Nov 28, 2017 Soft robotics has made leaps and bounds over the last decade as researchers around the world have experimented with different materials and designs to allow once ...

Tue 5 Dec 17 from SpaceDaily

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