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These are the 19 ways your dog is secretly communicating with you

Scientists have discovered dogs use 19 signals dogs to try and communicate with their human pals.

5 hours ago from FOXNews

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'iPal' robot companion for China's lonely children

It speaks two languages, gives math lessons, tells jokes and interacts with children through the tablet screen in its chest—China's latest robot is the babysitter every parent needs.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from

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Google's new principles on AI need to be better at protecting human rights

There are growing concerns about the potential risks of AI – and mounting criticism of technology giants. In the wake of what has been called an AI backlash or "techlash", states and businesses ...

7 hours ago from

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Robot Colleagues Could Make Work Very Boring

There is no question robots will eventually join the workforce. But will the manager’s dream—cleaning sewers without complaint—be the workers’ nightmare? Matt Beane, a faculty member ...

Fri 15 Jun 18 from

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Robots Luise, Renate join Airbus A320 production line...

The two robots, whose names were chosen by employees, will in particular help to drill over 2,000 holes to join the two halves of the fuselage together, work normally done by humans. ...

Thu 14 Jun 18 from Daily Mail

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Why Does Artificial Intelligence Scare Us So Much?

Not everyone is prepared to welcome robot overlords.

Mon 11 Jun 18 from

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The Importance of Teaching Robots to Hug

Knowing how to give good hugs is an important life skill, even for robots

Tue 5 Jun 18 from IEEE Spectrum

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Nozzle-rich firefighter is a robot, resembles dragon

Japan's engineers and technologists continue working to solve problems in handling various types of disasters—earthquakes, tsunamis, any unforeseen calamity causing extreme damage to property ...

Wed 6 Jun 18 from TechXplore

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Sex robots are already here, but are they healthy for humans?

World, meet Harmony. Completely artificial and programmed by computer chips, the somewhat lifelike sex robot is marketed by sex doll maker Realbotix for $15,000. According to The Guardian, she's ...

Tue 5 Jun 18 from

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