Google responds to claim regarding lifted Genius lyrics

Music publishing company Wixen has sued Pandora for displaying lyrics from Wixen artists — who include Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, and Weezer. Wixen’s suit claims that the internet radio service knowingly used the lyrics “without any valid license or authorization.” It’s the second major lawsuit that Wixen has recently filed against a streaming music company, following a now-settled $1.6 billion lawsuit against Spotify. As explained on its website, Pandora shows lyrics beneath some songs on both mobile and desktop. It’s done so since 2009, partnering with licensing companies like LyricFind for the rights. But Wixen says those rights didn’t include its clients’ work. It alleges that Pandora knew about this, in part because Wixen... Continue reading…

Google responds to claim regarding lifted Genius lyrics

Lyric website Genius earlier this week shared evidence which it claimed implicates Google in the unauthorized reproduction of song lyrics posted on its site.

Wed 19 Jun 19 from Techspot

Google will start attributing lyrics in its search results to their third-party providers

Earlier this week, music lyrics repository Genius accused Google of lifting lyrics and posting them on its search platform. Genius told the Wall Street Journal that this caused its site traffic ...

Tue 18 Jun 19 from TechCrunch

Google will cite where its song lyrics come from following Genius dispute

Google today responded to an ongoing controversy involving lyrics provider and annotator Genius Media, which has accused Google of copying its song lyrics and reposting them as ...

Tue 18 Jun 19 from The Verge

Google is investigating claims it steals lyrics from Genius - CNET

Google will end its partner agreements if it finds its third parties are scraping the web for lyrics.

Tue 18 Jun 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

Pandora faces copyright lawsuit for displaying song lyrics

Wixen Music Publishing has filed a copyright lawsuit against Pandora, not for playing songs without a license, but rather for displaying their lyrics without one. Wixen represents artist such ...

Tue 18 Jun 19 from Techspot

Google search results will show where song lyrics come from

Google isn't sitting idly by while Genius accuses it of copying lyrics. As part of a larger defense of its lyrics search practices, the company has mentioned that it will "soon" ...

Tue 18 Jun 19 from Engadget

Genius Claims It Busted Google Stealing by Hiding a Secret Code in Lyrics That Spells 'Red Handed'

For the first few years of its existence, Genius (formerly Rap Genius) featured annotated song lyrics on its platform without permission of music publishers. Now Genius is accusing Google of ...

Mon 17 Jun 19 from Gizmodo

Lyrics Site Genius Used Hidden Morse Code to Allegedly Catch Google Copying is one of the most popular sites for those on a quest for lyrical knowledge. It’s so popular that Google was allegedly busted copying their lyrics. Google, as you’re probably ...

Mon 17 Jun 19 from


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