The UK is going to introduce its controversial porn block on July 15

The UKís controversial porn block has a new launch date: July 15th, 2019. The scheme, which is designed to stop people under 18 from accessing pornographic material online, has been repeatedly delayed. The government previously said it would roll out the block sometime in April, but it has now pushed that date back to July 15th, BBC News reports. The law will force commercial porn sites to check the age of visitors from the UK. Sites that fail to comply could be blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Visitors to sites will be able to verify their age using documents like passports, driverís licenses, or credit cards. Porn passes will also be sold in shops for £4.99 ($6.50). The block has been repeatedly criticized by privacy... Continue reading…

UK porn ban to come into effect in July

Anyone who looks at pornographic websites will have to prove they are 18

Wed 17 Apr 19 from The Independent

Porn Regulators Powerless Against Horny British Teens

On Wednesday, the UK government announced that starting July 15, porn providers online would be required to roll out age verification systems on their websites, only allowing those 18 and older ...

Fri 19 Apr 19 from Gizmodo

Porn block: UK to require age checks for adult content as of July 15 - CNET

No porn, please! We're British!

Wed 17 Apr 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

UK porn sites will be required to implement advanced age-verification systems beginning July 15

In theory, there's nothing all that concerning about this concept. Most semi-reputable porn websites already have "age gates" that require users to confirm that they are 18 or older in order ...

Wed 17 Apr 19 from Techspot

Porn sites must age-verify British users starting July 15

Sites that don't verify age could get blocked by British ISPs.

Wed 17 Apr 19 from Arstechnica

UKís porn age verification law to go into effect on July 15th

Following numerous delays, the UK's age verification law for pornography sites will finally go into effect on July 15, according to the government. Under the law, people in the ...

Wed 17 Apr 19 from Engadget


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