Google is making changes following last week's sexual harassment walkout

What started as a small planned protest against the company’s handling of a sexual misconduct case has expanded into a full-blown political awakening at Google. Employees who organized last week’s unexpectedly massive 20,000-person walkout at Google offices worldwide are now pushing company leadership to institute new policy changes and put in place better protections for employees. The spark was the revelation that Android co-founder Andy Rubin was paid $90 million to leave the company in 2014, following a sexual assault allegation. Yet Google’s mishandling of the case is just the latest misstep from the search giant this year that has contributed to a widening gap of trust between executive leadership and employees. Protest organizers... Continue reading…

Google ends mandatory arbitration in sexual harassment cases

CEO touts new policies, allows colleagues to accompany one another during HR complaints.

Thu 8 Nov 18 from Arstechnica

Google announces new sexual assault and harassment rules after mass protest

Google is announcing new policies around sexual harassment and diversity, following a worldwide employee protest last week. The new policies reflect demands from the protestors, ...

Thu 8 Nov 18 from The Verge

Google hears protesters, changes sexual harassment policies

Alphabet Inc's Google said on Thursday it would make changes to how it handles sexual harassment claims, a week after thousands of its employees around the world walked off their jobs to protest ...

Thu 8 Nov 18 from Reuters Technology

Google to overhaul sexual harassment policies following employee walkout - CNET

"We need to make some changes," CEO Sundar Pichai says in a note sent to Google employees.

Thu 8 Nov 18 from CNET

Google updates sexual harassment policies following protest

Google has faced quite a bit of criticism and pushback regarding how it has handled sexual harassment accusations in the past, and thousands of employees walked out of their offices ...

Thu 8 Nov 18 from Engadget

How US employers silence sex accusers

Many employees are legally barred from suing their employers, as the Google case illustrates.

Mon 5 Nov 18 from BBC Technology


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