Hate speech crackdown spreads to behind-the-scenes tech

On Tuesday, weighing in on the public pressure to ban Alex Jones and Infowars from Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey called on journalists for help. “Accounts like Jones’ can often sensationalize issues and spread unsubstantiated rumors,” Dorsey tweeted, “so it’s critical journalists document, validate, and refute such information directly so people can form their own opinions. This is what serves the public conversation best.” Journalists complained loudly about being asked to perform unpaid content moderation on Twitter’s behalf. But in the spirit of serving the public conversation, CNN’s Oliver Darcy decided to document some of those unsubstantiated rumors of Alex Jones’. Taking a tour of Jones’ Twitter history, he found 20 attacks on the... Continue reading…

Hate speech crackdown spreads to behind-the-scenes tech

Fri 10 Aug 18 from The Washington Post

Microsoft nearly banned Gab over post saying Jews should be raised as livestock

Anti-Semitic posts deleted after Azure threatens to stop hosting "free speech" site.

Fri 10 Aug 18 from Arstechnica

Gab user's anti-Semitic posts removed

The content was posted to fringe social network Gab by a would-be politician

Fri 10 Aug 18 from BBC Technology

Microsoft threatened to unplug Gab over anti-Semitic posts

After Milo Yiannopoulos got banned from Twitter, he and his followers moved to Gab, a social network priding itself on free speech that has become popular with conservatives and the ...

Thu 9 Aug 18 from Engadget

Microsoft warns Gab it'll pull service over anti-Semitic posts - CNET

The site has 48 hours to take down the posts, according to Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba.

Thu 9 Aug 18 from CNET

Microsoft threatened to drop hosting for Gab over hate speech posts

Microsoft has threatened to cease hosting services for the alt-right social network Gab over two anti-Semitic posts, according to an email published by Gab founder Andrew Torba. ...

Thu 9 Aug 18 from The Verge

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