Google Launches VR180 Creator For Streamlined VR Video Editing

Virtual reality (VR) content used to be hard to procure, but that's hardly the case nowadays. VR is both growing in popularity and becoming cheaper and easier than ever to capture. The biggest problem at the moment for the end-user isn't so much the hardware, but the software. For such a young ecosystem, there's still much work to be done

Google’s VR180 Creator simplifies VR video editing

Anyone can make a film using equipment most of us have in our pockets. Filmmakers are creating full-length movies using iPhones, for instance. Creating virtual reality experiences, ...

Fri 15 Jun 18 from Engadget

Google brings VR video editing to your desktop with VR180 Creator

Free software converts VR180 footage to a standard format so you can cut and tweak it using your favorite video editor.

Mon 18 Jun 18 from Techradar

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