AMD Scoffs At Intel Core i7-8086K Anniversary Giveaway With Ballsy Threadripper Trade-In Offer

Earlier this month at Computex, Intel announced its†Core i7-8086K processor†to commemorate the 40th†anniversary of the famed 8086 debut. The flagship mainstream processor offers 6 physical cores (12 threads) and has a single-core boost of 5GHz. To coincide with the launch, Intel kicked off a contest to giveaway 8,086 of the processors worldwide,

Intel Confirms Coffee Lake-S Based 8-Core Xeon-E Mainstream Server Processors

A visit to Intel's website reveals that the company is prepping an 8-core Xeon-E processor for the mainstream server market. While nothing has been announced yet, the entry for the upcoming ...

Mon 18 Jun 18 from HotHardware

Opinion: Things Intel Needs to Fix

As the market leader and long time dominant force in the CPU space, Intel's been able to get away with a lot and this is partly because the competition has allowed them to. In this column we're ...

Mon 18 Jun 18 from Techspot

Intel's 8-Core Coffee Lake Mainstream Processor Allegedly Debuting In September

The core wars are heating up, and right now AMD has the upper hand, as it pertains to providing more cores for mainstream consumers to play with. Conventional wisdom says it is only a matter ...

Tue 12 Jun 18 from HotHardware

Intelís 8-core Coffee Lake processor will arrive this September, says report

Intel 8-core processor rumors appear again with the promise of a new Coffee Lake Refresh chip arriving later this year.

Wed 13 Jun 18 from Techradar

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