Bose to use its noise cancelling technology to make car journeys quiet

Some might argue that Bose’s audio products are overpriced and that for those prices, you could get “better” sounding systems. However if there is an area that Bose is ahead of the competition in, it would be its noise-cancelling technology which is used in their QuietComfort lineup of headphones (although Sony seems to be catching up).Now it seems that the company wants to take that technology and apply it to cars, resulting in the Bose QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC). According to the company, “Bose QuietComfort RNC efficiently solves a critical issue that car makers and consumers have dealt with for decades: how to minimize unwanted sound in the cabin caused by driving over rough roads, grooved concrete, and uneven pavement.”Much like how noise-cancelling tech in our headphones relies on microphones to try and tune out outside noises, there will be similar tech found in the RNC. However it will be bolstered by other sensors such as accelerometers, signal-processing software, the car’s audio system,

Bose to use its noise cancelling technology to make car journeys quiet

The firm, best known for its headphones, is showing off its system to eliminate noise created by rough roads at the CES in Las Vegas.

Thu 10 Jan 19 from Daily Mail

Bose invented a noise-canceling system for your car

Bose wants to bring its acclaimed noise-canceling technology from your headphones to your car. The Framingham, Massachusetts-based company just unveiled a new technology called ...

Wed 9 Jan 19 from The Verge

Bose is bringing its QuietComfort tech to cars to fight road noise - Roadshow

By measuring vibrations in the car's body, the feature can keep the cabin quieter.

Wed 9 Jan 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

Bose wants to keep the sounds of the road out of your vehicle

If the sounds of the road are interrupting your road trip playlist, Bose might have the solution. The company announced its new QuietComfort Road Noise Control system designed to cancel ...

Wed 9 Jan 19 from Engadget

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