Yale And August Unveil New HomeKit Enabled Smart Locks

#CES2019 – Yale and August arenít new faces when it comes to smart locks for the home, and at CES 2019, both companies have teamed up to create a couple of new smart locks that are also HomeKit enabled, meaning that youíll be able to use your iOS device to control them remotely or with your voice.Note that both Yale and August are owned by the same parent company – Assa Abloy, which explains how tech from both companies are being shared with each other. Starting with Yale, the company has unveiled a new Assure Lever Lock that is designed for doors with a single hole, meaning that these are meant to be used on doors that donít necessarily need extra security like a front door.They do not feature a deadbolt and there are options available where customers can choose between hardware or a capacitive touchscreen keypad for entry, and with or without hardware keys. Then there will also be the Emtek EMPowered Smart Lock Connected by August which uses the companyís cloud technology.This means that users

August takes its connected smart lock tech to high-end Emtek locks - CNET

August extends its connected smart lock tech to another Assa Abloy co-brand, the high-end residential lock maker Emtek.

Wed 9 Jan 19 from CNET

Emtek introduces August-powered smart locks

Wed 9 Jan 19 from TechCrunch

There are five ways to unlock the Lockly Secure Pro smart lock - CNET

Access the Lockly Secure Pro via the keypad, fingerprint scanner, key hole, app or voice command.

Tue 8 Jan 19 from CNET

Yale expands its Assure touchscreen locks, partners up with Ring and Arlo - CNET

Yale adds a new lock to its line-up and expands its hooks to other popular home security ecosystems. It also deepens ties with sister company August.

Mon 7 Jan 19 from CNET

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