Feds: Tesla accelerated, didn't brake ahead of fatal crash

Findings about fatal crash in Silicon Valley raise fresh concerns about limits of Elon Musk’s technologyA Tesla driving in “autopilot” mode crashed in March when the vehicle sped up and steered into a concrete barrier, according to a new report on the fatal collision, raising fresh concerns about Elon Musk’s technology.The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said that four seconds before the 23 March crash on a highway in Silicon Valley, which killed Walter Huang, 38, the car stopped following the path of a vehicle in front of it. Three seconds before the impact, it sped up from 62mph to 70.8mph, and the car did not brake or steer away, the NTSB said. Continue reading...

Feds: Tesla accelerated, didn't brake ahead of fatal crash

Federal investigators say a Tesla SUV using the company's semi-autonomous driving system accelerated just before crashing into a California freeway barrier, killing its driver.

Thu 7 Jun 18 from Phys.org

Tesla's autopilot was on and driver's hands were off wheel ahead of fiery crash, report finds

Company has faced increasing scrutiny after a string of crashes

Thu 7 Jun 18 from The Independent

Tesla's Autopilot to get 'full self-driving feature' in August

(Reuters) - Shares of Tesla Inc rose as much as 5 percent on Monday after Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk tweeted that its Autopilot driver assistance system will get full self-driving features ...

Mon 11 Jun 18 from Reuters Technology

Tesla must fix 'flaws' in Autopilot after fatal crash: U.S. consumer group

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A consumer advocacy group on Friday urged Tesla Inc to fix what it termed as "flaws" in the automaker's driver-assistance system Autopilot after a preliminary government ...

Fri 8 Jun 18 from Reuters Technology

Report: Tesla Model X Accelerated Toward Barrier Before Fatal Crash

According to the NTSB, not only did the Tesla Autopilot steer into the concrete divider, it actually sped up. The post Report: Tesla Model X Accelerated Toward Barrier Before Fatal Crash appeared ...

Thu 7 Jun 18 from Extremetech

NTSB releases preliminary findings on March's fatal Tesla Model X crash - Roadshow

While not totally conclusive, the findings seem to indicate that both the driver and the Autopilot system were at fault.

Thu 7 Jun 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

NTSB report claims Tesla Model X sped up with Autopilot engaged before fatal March crash

Tesla may finally be getting its Model 3 production issues under control, but factory problems are far from the only headaches the company has dealt with lately.

Thu 7 Jun 18 from Techspot

Tesla involved in fatal crash sped up before hitting road barrier

The NTSB released its preliminary investigation report concerning the fatal tesla crash that occurred on March 23, 2018 in Mountain View, California today. The agency does note that ...

Thu 7 Jun 18 from Engadget


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