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Researchers explore new 'smart' approach to metabolic engineering.

Researchers in the University of Georgia College of Engineering have developed a new genetic "smart circuit" that could signal an important advance in the field of metabolic engineering. They ...

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Autonomous Driving Forecasts & Challenges — Interviewing BNEF’s Head of Intelligent Mobility (#CleanTechnica Video)

Zachary Shahan, CleanTechnica Director & Chief Editor, conducted a brief interview with Ali lzadi-Najafabadiat, Head of Intelligent Mobility at BNEF, at The Mobility Conference — a conference ...

Sun 12 Aug 18 from CleanTechnica

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Philips Officially Announces A Bunch Of New HomeKit Compatible Hue Lights

Back in July thanks to some leaks, it was revealed that Philips was working on new Hue lights for the home. This included an outdoor Hue LightStrip and also the Adore bathroom mirror with smart ...

Sun 12 Aug 18 from Ubergizmo

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New Zealand becomes the latest country to ban plastic bags

People in New Zealand currently use about 150 plastic bags each a year, but the country now plans to phase them out within the next six months

Sat 11 Aug 18 from Newscientist

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Time-domain Simulation of Electro-mechanical Sensors and Systems

Learn how OnScale massively accelerates sensor design by removing compute constraints with powerful CAE integrated directly to Cloud HPC.

18 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Foam could offer greener option for petroleum drillers

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, provides critical energy for society, but also uses large amounts of fresh water while producing corresponding amounts of wastewater. Water-based foams, which ...

Thu 9 Aug 18 from

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More than half of drivers don't look for cyclists and pedestrians before turning right, study finds

U of T Engineering researchers studied the eye movements of drivers at busy Toronto intersections and found that more than half failed to make necessary scans for pedestrians or cyclists at ...

Thu 9 Aug 18 from

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Uber partners with UT Austin and US Army Research Labs on flying cabs

Uber has added the University of Texas at Austin to its list of partners as it tries to turn its flying taxis into a reality. The company is also working with the US Army Research Laboratory ...

Thu 9 Aug 18 from Engadget

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Insurance Institute Spots Problems in Driver Assistance Systems

Even the best systems on the market sometimes require the driver to jump in to correct errors

Wed 8 Aug 18 from IEEE Spectrum

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Following federal guidelines may help acceptance of police use of body-worn cameras

Thousands of police departments have adopted body-worn cameras over the last few years. Previous research on acceptance of the cameras has yielded mixed findings. A new study that examined how ...

Thu 9 Aug 18 from

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