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Uber, Lyft implement new safety measures

Uber and Lyft instituted new safety features and policies this week. The move follows the death of Samantha Josephson, a student at the University of South Carolina, who was kidnapped and murdered ...

8 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Google’s Ivan Poupyrev shows off Jacquard, which connects his Levi’s jacket to the cloud

Ivan Poupyrev, the technical projects lead at Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division, just gave a TED talk that was simultaneously a presentation and a demo of new technology. Poupyrev ...

4 hours ago from TechCrunch

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100% Recyclable Adidas Sneakers Are ‘Made to be Remade’

Adidas is taking great strides to tackle plastic waste with a new 100 percent recyclable performance running shoe. Loop, the latest creation from the Adidas Futurecraft creative hub, is made ...

11 hours ago from

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Tiny, fast, accurate technology on the radar

A tiny, portable radar device could allow visually impaired people, or unmanned moving devices to detect objects in real time.

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Kia HabaNiro is one spicy concept - Roadshow

And it's full of AI tech.

Wed 17 Apr 19 from CNET

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Vehicle-to-vehicle Volvo style to swing big in Europe

Vehicle to vehicle communication is on auto industry minds as an important technology piece determining our safe driving future. Discussions around vehicle to vehicle "connected cars" are ...

Wed 17 Apr 19 from TechXplore

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Audi self-driving unit taps newcomer Aeva for its unique lidar

Audi’s self-driving unit has tapped a startup with a unique approach to lidar as it ramps up testing in Munich using a fleet of autonomous electric e-tron crossover vehicles. Audi subsidiary ...

Wed 17 Apr 19 from TechCrunch

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These 25-ton stones can be moved by hand thanks to science

Researchers from design lab Matter Design in collaboration with construction specialist CEMEX have developed giant concrete structures that can be maneuvered by hand. Their work, inspired by ...

Wed 17 Apr 19 from Techspot

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Scientists improve sensitivity and stretchability of room-temperature liquid metal-based sensor

Scientists have developed a room-temperature, liquid metal-based, super-stretchable sensor with the advantages of easy fabrication, low cost, high repeatability and a gauge factor as great as ...

Wed 17 Apr 19 from

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Dutch chipmaker NXP makes China push by backing radar company Hawkeye

Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductors has come a long way since Qualcomm’s outsize $44 billion to acquire it fell through last year. In an announcement released on Tuesday, NXP said it’s ...

Wed 17 Apr 19 from TechCrunch

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