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Boom supersonic jet able to fly London to New York in three hours a step closer to production

It could start taking on passengers in the early 2020s

24 hours ago from The Independent

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Fruit-shaped sensor 'can improve freshness'

The sensor comes in orange, apple, banana and mango varieties and alerts to cooling problems.

Thu 23 Mar 17 from BBC News

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[In Depth] Tweak makes U.S. nukes more precise—and deadlier

A small fix made in the name of "stockpile stewardship" is turning U.S. submarine–launched missiles into more precise weapons. An improved mechanism installed in aging warhead now makes it possible ...

Thu 23 Mar 17 from Science Now

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Flying taxis could be hitting Singapore by 2030

The ambitious plans were revealed by the Ministry of Transport's top official, Mr Pang King Keong, at the Business Times Leaders' Forum in Singapore this week.

Fri 24 Mar 17 from Daily Mail

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An ooh-la-la Hyperloop capsule is being built, next year's big peek in Toulouse

(Tech Xplore)—The next chapter in train transport will make it difficult for you even remember there was a last chapter involving units and people by land.

Thu 23 Mar 17 from TechXplore

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Moving Dartboard Keeps Players On Target

Practice makes perfect. But so does an engineering background and ingenuity. Inventor and science enthusiast Mark Rober, a self-proclaimed dart loser, built a moving dartboard that ensures even ...

Thu 23 Mar 17 from

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Research work on peregrine falcons inspires future aircraft technologies

Scientists at BAE Systems and City, University of London have revealed how research work on how falcons fly is inspiring new technologies for aircraft that could contribute to their safety in ...

Thu 23 Mar 17 from

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"Lab on a glove" could help hunt for deadly nerve agents

When a terrorist attack happens, every second counts in terms of response time. A new rubber glove developed by the University of California San Diego and CSIRO Manufacturing in Australia ...

Wed 22 Mar 17 from Gizmag

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Drone-catchers emerge on a new aerial frontier

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (Reuters) - The enemy drone whined in the distance. The Interceptor, a drone-hunting machine from Silicon Valley startup Airspace Systems, slinked off its launch pad and ...

Tue 21 Mar 17 from Reuters Technology

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Chicago's red-light camera program has significant safety benefits

Chicago's red-light cameras reduce serious injury crashes at intersections where they are placed and also have a measurable "spillover effect" that improves safety at intersections without cameras, ...

Mon 20 Mar 17 from

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