Nintendo shares jump on imminent launch of Switch Lite (page 2)

Nintendo just announced a smaller, cheaper version of the Switch today, but the Switch Lite may not be the only trick up Nintendo’s sleeves — the original Nintendo Switch is also getting a new processor and new flash storage chips, according to filings with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The new chips could mean fewer slowdowns, faster load times, longer battery life, less heat... or perhaps none of these things. Nintendo submitted what’s called a “Class II Permission Change” to the FCC, effectively a request to tweak an existing gadget without having to get the whole thing recertified for sale in the United States. And there, it vaguely lays out the changes: In case you’re unaware, “SoC” refers to the... Continue reading…

Nintendo shares jump on imminent launch of Switch Lite

Shares in Japan's Nintendo Co rose more than 4% on Thursday after the company said it would soon launch Nintendo Switch Lite, a cheaper, handheld version of its hugely popular Switch games. ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from Reuters Technology

Nintendo Switch may get a stealth chip upgrade - CNET

FCC filings show the gaming giant is switching in a new chip.

Wed 10 Jul 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

Nintendo Switch Lite: From D-Pads to sharable games, here's what we learned - CNET

Nintendo's Doug Bowser tells us about the Switch and the future of the 3DS

Wed 10 Jul 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

Nintendo Switch Lite is $200 and colorful, but doesn't connect to TV - CNET

It's coming Sept. 20 and here's how it plays.

Wed 10 Jul 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

Nintendo Switch Lite to arrive for $200, and here's how it plays - CNET

It's smaller, cheaper, handheld-only and coming Sept. 20.

Wed 10 Jul 19 from CNET

Nintendo Unveils Switch Lite, Coming Sept. 20 for $199

It plays all the same games, but it's not a replacement for the OG Switch. Buyers can choose the version that works best for them when the Switch Lite launches this coming fall. The post Nintendo ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from Extremetech

Nintendo Switch Light Is A Leaner, Cheaper, Longer Running Portable Gaming Console

Nintendo on Thursday confirmed it is launching a Switch Lite console that will coexist with (and not replace) its regular Switch system. Following months of rumors and speculation, which had ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from HotHardware

Nintendo Switch Lite drops September 20 for $100 less than the original

Nintendo on Wednesday formally introduced a new addition to the Switch family. The Nintendo Switch Lite is described as a compact and lightweight version of the original designed specifically ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from Techspot

Nintendo releases 'Dr. Mario World' for iOS and Android

With "Dr. Mario World," a new mobile video game, Nintendo is trying to strike the right balance between closely guarding its video game characters and making its super-popular games available ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from CNN


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