Amazon fills in for Toys R Us, is mailing out a printed toy catalog for the holidays

Amazon’s decision to send out its first-ever printed toy catalog ahead of the holiday shopping season may not surprise you if you remember that this is something that Toys R Us’ used to do. Since that giant of a toy retailer has met its demise, the e-commerce giant is basically taking advantage of the gap in the market by sending out an actual physical toy catalog to millions of customers. The catalog is titled A Holiday of Play and it’s already available online. A spokesperson for the company confirmed to CNBC that Amazon is going to send the catalog to millions of customers starting this month.“Amazon is excited to offer a new way for customers to shop for toys this holiday season,” the company said in a statement. There are many social media posts online from people who have already received the catalog in the mail.The catalog has quite a retro look about it which may remind you of the Toys R Us’ catalogs from days gone by. Some of the featured toys have a QR code which will let customers ins

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Wide-eyed browsing material for all ages.

Wed 7 Nov 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

Amazon sends out toy catalog with no prices ahead of the holidays

Amazon's holiday shopping marketing push is well underway. On Monday, it scrapped the minimum purchase amount for non-Prime customers to qualify for free shipping over the season. ...

Tue 6 Nov 18 from Engadget

Amazon is releasing a physical holiday toy catalog because nostalgia sells

The catalog, titled “A Holiday of Play,” is a throwback to the old Toys R Us and department store catalogs that were a staple of holiday marketing in the past. The e-retailer has ...

Wed 7 Nov 18 from Fastcompany Tech

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