'iPod Father' Tony Fadell Challenges Apple To Help Combat Smartphone Addiction

How many hours a day do you spend on your smartphone or other devices? Former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, also referred to as the “Father of the iPod”, believes that society spends too much time on their devices. He recently contended in an op-ed for Wired that Apple has a responsibility to curb iPhone “addiction”. Fadell compared device

Tony Fadell thinks Apple should tackle device addiction - CNET

The former Apple executive and founder of Nest Labs writes that Apple should empower users to curb their digital media consumption.

Mon 16 Apr 18 from CNET

Tony Fadell is worried about smartphone addiction

This weekend, former Apple engineer and consumer gadget legend Tony Fadell penned an op-ed for Wired. In it, he argued that smartphone manufacturers need to do a better job of educating users ...

Mon 16 Apr 18 from TechCrunch

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