Apple HomePod can stain surfaces it is left on, company says

There have been rumors that Apple could be looking to get into the smart glasses game by launching an augmented reality headset, but could Samsung beat Apple to the punch? That’s what a recent trademark filing seems to suggest as the Korean tech giant has recently filed for a trademark for a new logo.While we suppose the logo could be a design for just about anything, many seem to suggest that it actually resembles an eye. However the speculation might not be too far off the mark because in the trademark filing, Samsung actually states that it could be used for “smart glasses”.They also add, “Computerized vision-assisted eyewear consisting of a camera / computer / display for capturing / processing / displaying an image,” and “computer hardware for analyzing and configuring vision-assisting eyewear” as potential uses. Rumors of Samsung’s potential entry into smart glasses have been making their rounds as early as 2013.We’ve also seen patents filed for such a device. However nothing has surfaced to date

Apple HomePod can stain surfaces it is left on, company says

If you're worried about marks, you should probably move your smart speaker somewhere else, Apple advises

Wed 14 Feb 18 from The Independent

Sonos One speakers leave same white marks as HomePod

After yesterday admitting that its $349 HomePod smart speaker could leave white rings on certain surfaces, Apple said it wasn’t unusual for devices with silicon bases to cause similar ...

Fri 16 Feb 18 from Techspot

Apple's HomePod costs an estimated $216 to build, analysis finds

Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker, which retails for $349, costs the company just $216 to build according to research conducted by product analysis firm TechInsights and shared with Bloomberg.

Thu 15 Feb 18 from Techspot

Florence’s love story mixes the best of comics, video games, and animation

Gentle interactivity helps enhance a short but sweet love story.

Thu 15 Feb 18 from Arstechnica

Apple confirms HomePod can leave white marks on certain surfaces

Not all reviewers were fans of Apple’s HomePod smart speaker when it launched last week, mainly due to its high price and the way it locks users into the Cupertino company’s ecosystem. ...

Thu 15 Feb 18 from Techspot

Apple’s HomePod Can Ruin Your Countertop

Apple's new HomePod may offer excellent sound quality, but only if you use a handful of extremely limited services. Also, it stains countertops, possibly permanently. The post Apple’s ...

Thu 15 Feb 18 from Extremetech

Apple says the HomePod leaves white ring on wood surfaces

Apple has confirmed that its new smart speaker can damage wood surfaces, by leaving behind a nasty white ring on the surface. To get rid of the ring, users should wipe down their wood furniture. ...

Wed 14 Feb 18 from Daily Mail


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