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Google confirms Pixel 4 face unlock works with eyes closed

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are Google's latest smartphones and they can be unlocked by facial recognition. But you can also unlock your phone with your eyes closed, Google confirmed.

Fri 18 Oct 19 from CNN

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The return of the Razr: Motorola set to reveal its iconic foldable smartphone next month

Motorola is set to unveiled a reinvented version of its iconic foldable phone on November 13th claiming it is 'an original unlike any other' - the smartphone is also said to come with a $1,500 ...

Fri 18 Oct 19 from Daily Mail

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Apple might launch AirPods Pro before the end of the month, report says - CNET

New AirPods may be coming just in time for the holidays.

20 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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OnePlus 8 Pro leak shows a hole-punch screen and cutout camera - CNET

The next OnePlus device is starting to leak.

Fri 18 Oct 19 from CNET

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You can now subscribe to Twitch streamers on iOS, if you pay the Apple tax

You can now subscribe to your favorite streamers from your iOS device, provided you have an iOS device and have updated the Twitch app. Truly we are living in the future. Twitch ...

Fri 18 Oct 19 from The Verge

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Luna Display Challenges Apple’s Sidecar With New Mac-To-Mac Mode

With the new updates to Apple’s macOS operating system, the company introduced a new feature called Sidecar. In case you’re unfamiliar, this is a new native feature that allows ...

Fri 18 Oct 19 from Ubergizmo

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Does praying burn calories? Here’s the pope’s $110 e-rosary

The Vatican continues to take great pains to bring Catholic faith into the modern era, and this week it’s transforming the faithful rosary — adapting today’s popular fitness tracker ...

Thu 17 Oct 19 from The Verge

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Razer Viper Ultimate wireless esports mouse enters HyperSpeed - CNET

You don't need to be a speed freak to appreciate this stellar gaming mouse, with its new 20,000 dpi sensor, class-leading 650 IPS speed rating and improved wireless.

Fri 18 Oct 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

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IKEA begins selling its FYRTUR smart blinds in some US stores

The downright confusing saga that is IKEA's rollout of its FYRTUR blackout smart blinds in the US continues. The company had initially planned to release them stateside on April ...

Fri 18 Oct 19 from Engadget

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Analogue Pocket retro-gaming handheld can play titles from six old-school portables

Nintendo has released mini consoles of its NES and Super NES but has yet to reveal if it is working on any others like the original Game Boy or Nintendo 64. Retro gamers would surely be interested ...

Wed 16 Oct 19 from Techspot

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