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Uber makes it easier to arrange trips for other riders

Uber's ride-hailing app is making it easier for its users to set up trips for seniors and others who may not know their way around a smartphone but still need help getting around town.

17 hours ago from Phys.org

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Zillow doesn’t even own the photos it threatened to sue a popular blogger over

Zillow caused a whirlwind of controversy yesterday by issuing a fiercely-worded cease-and-desist letter to Kate Wagner, who operates the popular McMansion Hell Tumblr blog. The letter ...

12 hours ago from The Verge

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Nintendo's Super NES Classic Edition includes a long-lost sequel

If you're kicking yourself for missing the sold-out Nintendo Classic Mini NES, now's the time to start your preorder engines. Nintendo has just announced a follow-up in the form of the ...

Mon 26 Jun 17 from Gizmag

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Token puts credit cards, keys and transit passes on your finger

We have seen smart rings that can pair with your smartphone or offer NFC functionality, but the dream of paying for a coffee or starting your car with a wave of the hand has remained ...

1 hours ago from Gizmag

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Apple Buys German Firm SenoMotoric For Eye Tracking And AR Expertise

Apple is not making a fuss about its latest acquisition, though it could prove a big deal in the long run. The Cupertino outfit acquired SensoMotoric Instruments, a German maker of eye-tracking ...

15 hours ago from HotHardware

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Alcatel's Idol 5S is a bargain if you can stomach Amazon ads

Alcatel's Idol 4S phone was a good value at $350, but its emphasis on virtual reality support (such as a box that doubled as a headset) may have held it back. Unless you're ...

12 hours ago from Engadget

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Apple's Siri will get human help to be cool - CNET

'Must consider yourself a maven, trend-setter or Czar of cool.'

10 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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SNES Classic Edition In Japan Will Have Exclusive Titles

Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition just yesterday and with the console, they also announced 21 games that would come preloaded on it. Unsurprisingly it turns out that Nintendo has ...

19 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Why don't my document photos rotate correctly?

John, an insurance planner, took several photos of a competitors' new brochures. At a meeting, he opened a photo gallery to discuss the documents with his colleagues. He found, however, that ...

17 hours ago from Phys.org

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Sony will demo 3D facial recognition technology this week

The innovative Mobile 3D face recognition system has been developed by KeyLemon and SoftKinetic, which are owned by Sony, which is based in Tokyo.

16 hours ago from Daily Mail

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