New standalone, Vive-based VR headset steps out of the Shadows

Thanks to technology, long gone are the days where in order to train your staff, you’d sit them down in lectures and make them watch training videos. We’ve seen how companies such as Walmart are using virtual reality to train their employees, while other companies such as Google think that using augmented reality (AR) is another way to go.Some seem to agree with that because a company called Fundamental VR from London has launched what has been described as a “flight simulator for surgeons”, which is essentially an AR-based program that lets surgeons “train” their skills more easily, and also for much less money.Surgeons typically rely on using cadavers to train their skills, which unfortunately can be expensive and not always practical. However with the software, dubbed Fundamental Surgery, it is expected to make training more accessible. “We believe that every surgeon should have the opportunity to rehearse, practise and test themselves within a safe, controllable space that is as close to real life as pos

New standalone, Vive-based VR headset steps out of the Shadows

The virtual reality playing field is spreading out to fill all niches, and HTC is helping speed that along by getting its open source platform Vive Wave out to third party companies. ...

Mon 12 Nov 18 from Gizmag

Study of moths' "stealth fur" may lead to better sound-absorbing materials

Bats eat a lot of moths, which they locate in the dark via echolocation. According to new research, however, some moths have evolved sound-absorbing fur as a passive means of defence ...

Wed 7 Nov 18 from Gizmag

Recreating the sound of the Islamic past of the Mosque of Cordoba

How did sound propagate inside the Mosque of Cordoba in the time of Abd al-Rahman I? Today, thanks to virtual simulation tools, it is possible to know the sound fields of spaces that no longer ...

Tue 6 Nov 18 from

Identifying a piranha by its bark

A piranha's bite is definitely worse than its bark, but the bark has uses too. A new study of the sounds made by piranhas in the Amazon finds that their underwater "barks" are an effective tool ...

Tue 6 Nov 18 from

VRTIGO lets you test your nerves in virtual reality

Why do some people react more strongly than others when faced with the unknown? Researchers at EPFL's Laboratory of Behavioral Genetics, headed by Professor Carmen Sandi, have set out to learn ...

Mon 5 Nov 18 from

Zotac revamps its VR backpack with new CPU and features

Zotac was one of several companies to unveil a VR backpack in 2016. While the revamped VR Go 2.0 retains the GTX 1070 graphics card, the previous Skylake Intel Core i7-6700T has now been upgraded ...

Fri 9 Nov 18 from Techspot

HP Omen Mindframe Headset Review: Totally Cool Cans For Gamers

Gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days, particularly with the explosion of esports drawing the attention of PC peripheral companies, new and old. Be that as it may, HP figured out a ...

Tue 6 Nov 18 from HotHardware

The EFF’s VR experience helps users spot surveillance devices

With surveillance technology becoming ever more ubiquitous, it would be useful to know where to look for it. At least that's the thinking behind the Electronic Frontier Foundation's ...

Mon 5 Nov 18 from Engadget


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