Facebook’s AI tourist finds its way around New York City by asking for help from another algorithm

How do you teach computers to understand language — not just transcribe human speech, but actually comprehend what someone is saying? It’s one of the grand challenges of AI, and we still don’t really know the best way to tackle the problem. Facebook’s AI research lab, FAIR, has one idea: teach AIs to understand language by getting them to guide virtual tourists around New York City. FAIR is releasing what it calls Talk the Walk, a dataset designed to be used by other researchers. It’s comprised of three elements: small maps of New York City neighborhoods (each a couple of blocks wide), 360-degree photos of the same locations, and sample dialogues of humans guiding one another around these neighborhoods. Basically, it’s everything you... Continue reading…

Research community can go on Facebook AI's NYC conversation tour

Jason Weston, with doctorate in machine learning at University of London and Douwe Kiela, with doctorate from the University of Cambridge with thesis on grounding semantics in perceptual modalities, ...

Thu 12 Jul 18 from TechXplore

Facebook improves AI by sending 'tourist bots' to a virtual NYC

As a general rule, AI isn't great at using new info to make better sense of existing info. Facebook thinks it has a clever (if unusual) way to explore solutions to this problem: ...

Wed 11 Jul 18 from Engadget

Facebook’s AI researchers task ‘tourist bots’ with finding their way in NYC

Facebook is getting guide bots to help tourist bots explore Hell’s Kitchen in a virtual New York City. It’s not just for kicks either, a new research paper published today by FAIR ...

Wed 11 Jul 18 from TechCrunch

Facebook taught bots to navigate New York City using natural language

Talk the Walk features two bots–a tourist and a guide–communicating in natural language, with the guide helping the tourist find a specific location in New York. Imagine a tourist ...

Wed 11 Jul 18 from Fastcompany Tech

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