Waze will provide traffic data to US cities to help make roads safer 

Waze’s crowdsourced traffic data that helps you steer clear of accidents and avoid busy streets may soon be used to help change the infrastructure issues that create these problems in the first place. Today, Waze announced the Connected Citizens Program, which will allow American cities to use its traffic data in order to make more accurate and timely infrastructure decisions. The Google-owned company will be extending its partnership with Esri, the company that provides all of its geolocation data, to offer free live alerts for cities in the US. This information can help officials see real-time accidents and traffic issues and take the data into consideration as key decisions about road infrastructure are made. This move has the... Continue reading…

Waze and Esri expand partnership so cities can interpret and apply real-time data

Waze has been sending its partner cities a fire hose of data for the past four years through its free Connected Citizens Program. And while that aggregated and anonymized data holds critical ...

Tue 10 Jul 18 from TechCrunch

Waze will provide its traffic data to US cities

Waze's real-time, crowdsourced info will soon do a lot more than help you avoid traffic jams. The Google-owned company is widening a partnership with Esri to provide its live alerts ...

Mon 9 Jul 18 from Engadget

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