Razer To Suspend Its ‘Paid To Play’ Program In March

We reckon that it’s probably the dream of many gamers to be able to earn money while they play games, which is why some gamers might have been chuffed when last year, Razer launched their “Paid to Play” program. However it looks like the program did not last very long as Razer has announced that they will be suspending it starting on the 1st of March.According to Razer, “We’re always listening to the community, and everyone’s feedback is important to us. With an increasing amount of negative feedback on the Paid to Play program, we’re going to be taking a hard look into the overall program and mechanics to do right for you and all the gamers who participated.”The company states that they plan to look over the program and see how to make it more rewarding and beneficial for gamers, and as a result they will be suspending it until further notice. They also state that should they not be able to find a way to “fix” it, they will be suspending Paid to Play indefinitely.Razer does not mention specifically what kin

Razer suspends 'Paid to Play' rewards over negative feedback

Last March, Razer put forth a way to earn points that could be redeemed for the company's peripherals like keyboards and mice. All you needed to do was to launch games via Razer's ...

Fri 9 Feb 18 from Engadget

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