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GoPro trains neural net to think like a dog

Researchers at the University of Washington are using GoPro cameras to train AI neural networks to behave and plan like dogs. By strapping a GoPro camera to an Alaskan Malamute's head, ...

12 hours ago from Gizmag

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NVIDIA's AI fixes photos by recognizing what's missing

Most image editing tools aren't terribly bright when you ask them to fix a photo. They'll borrow content from adjacent pixels (such as Adobe's recently demonstrated ...

3 hours ago from Engadget

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User control and transparency are key to trusting personalized mobile apps

As concerns about privacy increase for people using mobile apps, users' trust and engagement may hinge on perceptions about how the app uses their data and whether it seeks user input before ...

9 hours ago from

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Machine speak: Left to their own devices, computers can figure it out

Using novel machine learning techniques, a research team from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory is teaching electronic devices how to speak for themselves.

13 hours ago from

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Clouds in three dimensions

ETH computer graphics specialists have analysed cloud formation and air flow in high resolution weather situations and visualised a high resolution weather situation in 3-D. The aviation industry ...

Mon 23 Apr 18 from

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Atlanta spends more than $2 million to recover from ransomware attack

Last month, Atlanta's city government was hit with a ransomware attack that caused courthouse documents and services like payment processing to become inaccessible. The ransom ...

Mon 23 Apr 18 from Engadget

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Swirling liquids work similarly to bitcoin

Fluid dynamics is not something that typically comes to mind when thinking about bitcoin. But for one Stanford physicist, the connection is as simple as stirring your coffee.

Mon 23 Apr 18 from

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Audit finds biodiversity data aggregators 'lose and confuse' data

In an effort to improve the quality of biodiversity records, the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) use automated data processing to check ...

Mon 23 Apr 18 from

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