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Adobe And Researchers Develop AI That Sniffs Out Photoshopped Images And DeepFakes

Researchers at Adobe and UC Berkeley are collaborating on a method to detect facial manipulations made to digital photos in Photoshop. While development is in the early stages, it is part of ...

Sat 15 Jun 19 from HotHardware

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Lawyers suggest better labeling on prophetic patent applications

A pair of lawyers, one with Fordham University, the other, Stanford Law School, have published a Policy Forum piece in the journal Science in which they decry the use of poor labeling on prophetic ...

Fri 14 Jun 19 from

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Kickstarter urges creators stop using 'world's best' in product descriptions

Kickstarter's honesty guidelines say it would rather have projects described in more realistic language. It is not outright banning exaggerated terminology, but it is strongly advising against ...

Thu 13 Jun 19 from Techspot

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Expansion microscopy and virtual reality illuminate new ways to prevent and treat disease

A combined research team from Carnegie Mellon University and Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason is pairing a nanoscale imaging technique with virtual reality (VR) technology to create ...

Thu 13 Jun 19 from

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Beyond Queen's stomp-stomp-clap: Concerts and computer science converge in new research

The iconic "stomp-stomp-clap" of Queen's "We Will Rock You" was born out of the challenge that rock stars and professors alike know all too well: How to get large numbers of people engaged in ...

Fri 14 Jun 19 from

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One class in all languages

Advances in communication technology have had a major impact in all sorts of industries, but perhaps none bigger than in education. Now, anyone from around the world can listen live to a Nobel ...

Fri 14 Jun 19 from

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Ethics of AI: how should we treat rational, sentient robots – if they existed?

Imagine a world where humans co-existed with beings who, like us, had minds, thoughts, feelings, self-conscious awareness and the capacity to perform purposeful actions—but, unlike us, these ...

Fri 14 Jun 19 from TechXplore

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Bugs in a popular hospital pump may let attackers alter drug dosages

Healthcare security firm CyberMDX has discovered two bugs affecting a popular infusion pump, allowing hijackers to remotely access and control it. Homeland Security has disclosed the ...

Fri 14 Jun 19 from Engadget

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Yubico recalls government-grade security keys due to bug

Yubico is recalling a line of security keys used by the U.S. government due to a firmware flaw. The company issued a security advisory today that warned of an issue in YubiKey FIPS ...

Thu 13 Jun 19 from Engadget

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Energy Department to Invest $32 Million in Computer Design of Materials

The U.S. Department of Energy announced that it will invest $32 million over the next four years to accelerate the design of new materials through use of supercomputers.

Fri 14 Jun 19 from Newswise

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