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Every modern, protected WiFi network is vulnerable, warns government cyber watchdog

It's time to update your devices and the firmware of your router.

12 hours ago from The Washington Post

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'Most or all' WiFi security hacked, potentially allowing any device to be broken into, US government warns

The problem is in WPA 2, the security protocol that is almost certainly guarding your house right now

21 hours ago from The Independent

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Wi-Fi security flaw could make every device in the world vulnerable

A computer security researcher from Belguim's KU Leuven has inadvertently discovered a major security flaw in the WPA2 protocol that protects the majority of Wi-Fi networks. This revelation ...

49 minutes ago from Gizmag

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The encryption many major companies rely on has a serious flaw

Researchers at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic uncovered a major security vulnerability in RSA keys generated by Infineon Technologies-produced chips. These chips are used ...

12 hours ago from Engadget

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Google's refined Security Checkup identifies account vulnerabilities

While Google might soon switch VIPs over to advanced protection in the form of physical keys, the rest of us are fine with typical security practices -- so long as we follow them. To ...

2 hours ago from Engadget

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Study finds auto-fix tool gets more programmers to upgrade code

Failure to make necessary upgrades to software code can have dire consequences, such as the major data breach at Equifax. A recent study finds that auto-fix tools are effective ways to get programmers ...

14 hours ago from

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AI nano-machines may be injected into brains in 20 years

Humans could be 'melded' to machines, giving us huge advancements in the power of human brains, experts told peers at the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee in London. ...

20 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Machine Dreams: 22 Human-Like Androids from Sci-Fi

Androids are a mainstay of science fiction, compelling audiences to question how we define what makes us human.

3 hours ago from

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Augmented tongue ultrasound for speech therapy

A team of researchers in the GIPSA-Lab (CNRS/Université Grenoble Alpes/Grenoble INP) and at INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes has developed a system that can display the movements of tongues in real ...

Fri 13 Oct 17 from

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Beautiful scenes from a small world

Spectacular images from the Nikon Small World microphotography competition.

Sun 15 Oct 17 from Cosmos Magazine

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