Over 460 HP Laptop Models Shipped with Keylogger

Just weeks after getting caught with onboard spyware, HP has been found shipping a keylogger (albeit a disabled one). The post Over 460 HP Laptop Models Shipped with Keylogger appeared first ...

11 minutes ago from Extremetech

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Apple buys the music discovery app Shazam

Apple's acquisition of Shazam shores up its music credentials and its artificial intelligence chops

2 hours ago from The Washington Post

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Net neutrality repeal based on false description of Internet, inventors say

FCC claims that broadband isn't "telecommunications."

2 hours ago from Arstechnica

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Former Facebook Exec Says Social Media Is Destroying Our Modern Society

Social networks are great ways for friends and families who may not live close by to communicate with one another and share pictures, videos, and stories. At the same time, social networks ...

11 minutes ago from HotHardware

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You’ll soon be able to watch almost all NFL games online, no matter your Internet provider

The move raises new questions about the future of the cable bundle and highlights Verizon's ambitions to take on Google.

4 hours ago from The Washington Post

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'More to come' after bitcoin futures launch: Cboe CEO

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The generally smooth launch of bitcoin futures on Cboe Global Markets could pave the way for other cryptocurrency-related products like options and ETFs, the head of the ...

11 minutes ago from Reuters Technology

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection includes a dozen classics

Street Fighter is one of the few franchises from the arcade era that has remained relevant over the years. Whether you recall popping quarters into machines in the early ‘90s or just recently ...

42 minutes ago from Techspot

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Google's Pixel AR stickers are available starting today

During Google's Pixel 2 event in October, the company teased its upcoming AR stickers and starting today, Pixel users can actually get their hands on them. Those with Pixel phones ...

4 hours ago from Engadget

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The OnePlus 5T can't stream HD video from Netflix, Amazon Prime, others

The OnePlus 5T is a fantastic smartphone. Not only does it have the best fast-charging capabilities of any flagship handset, but it also costs just $499. However, it turns out the device isn’t ...

4 hours ago from Techspot

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Facebook kills off 'creepy' Ticker feed, making it harder for people to stalk you

The feature launched in 2011, when the News Feed became algorithmic rather than chronological

5 hours ago from The Independent

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