Intel and Micron memory chip tuned to data driven age

Intel and Micron Technology on Tuesday unveiled what they touted as a new kind of memory chip that could "revolutionize" computing devices, services and applications.

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Amazon moves to fuel startups for its platform

Amazon unveiled plans Tuesday to help startups launch and sell their products and services through the US online giant.

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We Should Not Ban 'Killer Robots,' and Here's Why

What we really need is a way of making autonomous armed robots ethical, because we're not going to be able to prevent them from existing

4 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Nokia's virtual reality camera is designed for filmmakers

Nokia has just revealed a new camera for filmmakers called OZO that can capture virtual reality videos. But unlike similar devices from GoPro and Samsung unveiled in the past months, it's not ...

3 hours ago from Engadget

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Researcher to talk at Black Hat on 'scary' area in Android

Does that cute little green robotic creature with two ear-sticks call up feelings of an open, friendly mobile operating system, aka Android? Wow, Monday stories were not about how cute and adorable ...

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T-Mobile's John Legere: Buy An iPhone 6 Now, Get Free Upgrade To iPhone 6S This Year

With as fast as new smartphones come out, it's a scary proposition to consider purchasing the latest and greatest months after its launch. After all, it's not as though prices immediately begin ...

13 hours ago from HotHardware

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Twitter is making more money while signing up fewer users

Twitter's got a new temporary boss in Jack Dorsey (who's actually the old boss) while it continues to search for a replacement for ex-CEO Dick Costolo as it dropped its second quarter earnings ...

10 hours ago from Engadget

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Qualcomm's Wireless Charging Just Got Better

Rezence, Qualcomm's horse in the wireless charging standards war, just got a neat upgrade: it will now work in phones with metal backs. Read more...

1 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Sydney makes its mark with electronic paper traffic signs

Visionect, which is in the business of helping companies build electronic paper display products, announced that Sydney has launched e-paper traffic signs. The traffic signage integrates displays ...

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Google throttles back vision for its social network

Google on Monday said it is throttling back on its vision of having profiles at its social network serve as people's identities across its range of online offerings.

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