Google completes first drone delivery in the US

Alphabet (Google) subsidiary Wing has become the first company in the United States to deliver packages by drone.

5 hours ago from TechXplore

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US legislators urge Blizzard to reverse Hong Kong protest player ban

A rare bipartisan issue that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Rubio can agree on.

14 hours ago from Arstechnica

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MediaLab acquires messaging app Kik, expanding its app portfolio

Popular messaging app Kik is, indeed, “here to stay” following an acquisition by the Los Angeles-based multimedia holding company, MediaLab. It echoes the same message from Kik’s ...

6 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Samsung to deploy software patch after Galaxy S10 fingerprint flaw found

A flaw with Samsung's top-end Galaxy S10 fingerprint system that allows the smartphone to be opened by a third party will soon be fixed, the tech giant said Thursday.

Thu 17 Oct 19 from TechXplore

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AT&T TV Now Customers Fleeced Yet Again With Big Streaming Plan Price Hike

AT&T is once again going directly against its promise of not raising prices following its merger with content provider Time Warner. For the second time this year, the company is jacking up ...

11 hours ago from HotHardware

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Google confirms Pixel 4 face unlock works with eyes closed

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are Google's latest smartphones and they can be unlocked by facial recognition. But you can also unlock your phone with your eyes closed, Google confirmed.

Fri 18 Oct 19 from CNN

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US regulators say Boeing withheld key 737 MAX documents

US aviation regulators criticized Boeing on Friday for not immediately disclosing communications between two employees with "concerning" information on the investigation of the 737 MAX.

Fri 18 Oct 19 from TechXplore

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US military retires floppy disks used by nuclear weapons system - CNET

The storage setup of an Air Force command and control system finally shakes off the '70s.

Fri 18 Oct 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

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The return of the Razr: Motorola set to reveal its iconic foldable smartphone next month

Motorola is set to unveiled a reinvented version of its iconic foldable phone on November 13th claiming it is 'an original unlike any other' - the smartphone is also said to come with a $1,500 ...

Fri 18 Oct 19 from Daily Mail

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