CCleaner: Extremely popular antivirus app infected millions of users with a virus

A highly embarrassing error for the program

7 hours ago from The Independent

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Intel chips loaded in Waymo self-driving minivans

Intel on Monday announced its computing tech is being loaded into Waymo self-driving minivans as the chip giant seeks a leading position on the road to autonomous vehicles.

20 hours ago from

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August's new smart locks know when your door is left ajar

In 2013 a security startup called August caught our attention with a set of smart locks that opened doors as a user with a matched iPhone approached. The company has now returned with ...

9 hours ago from Gizmag

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Equifax suffered another data breach in March

Equifax suffered another major breach in March, months before the massive data breach disclosed earlier this month, affecting 143 million people.

15 hours ago from The Washington Post

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The person named most dangerous online might surprise you

One-time pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne has beaten superstar Beyonce at something, but she may not be totally happy with her victory—she's been named the most dangerous celebrity on the internet.

10 hours ago from

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Kohl’s Will Soon Accept Your Amazon Returns

It's part of a growing partnership between the companies

5 minutes ago from TIME

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Artificial muscle does the heavy lifting for soft robots

This flexible artificial muscle can lift more than a thousand times its own weight, writes Andrew Masterson.

3 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Gmail update turns addresses, phone numbers, emails into links

Google has finally introduced a feature to Gmail and Inbox by Gmail that’s been available in most other email clients for ages. The company is rolling out an update that turns addresses, ...

2 hours ago from Techspot

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Snapchat cuts off Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia, leading news posts to disappear

The decision has been called 'alarming and worrying'

Mon 18 Sep 17 from The Independent

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Pepe the Frog creator in copyright fight

The creator of the cartoon character says it has been hijacked by nationalists.

2 hours ago from BBC Technology

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