Google's Self-Driving AI Counts as a "Driver," According to the Feds

A letter to Google from the NHTSA, which regulates American roadways, clears a significant hurdle to getting driverless cars on the road.

6 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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Chinese investors bid $1.2B for Norwegian tech firm Opera

Opera Software, a Norwegian company behind one of the world's most popular browsers, says Chinese investors have made a $1.2 billion takeover offer, causing its stock to jump more than 30 percent.

9 hours ago from

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Facebook board member offends India. Facebook recoils - CNET

The famed tech investor Marc Andreessen put his foot in his mouth after India rejected a program backed by the social network. Now he's saying sorry.

1 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Here's Why It's So Hard to Kill a Cockroach

Their exoskeletons helps them withstand tremendous force

4 hours ago from TIME

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Oculus spills the beans on Rift + PC bundles from Asus, Alienware and Dell

When the US$599 Oculus Rift went up for pre-order last month, the company mentioned that you'd be able to buy Rift + PC bundles starting at $1,499. Today we got more details on the bundles, ...

Tue 9 Feb 16 from Gizmag

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Yes, you can rely on Amazon's new game engine during the zombie apocalypse

Lumberyard terms of service features a carve-out in case of reanimated human corpses.

3 hours ago from Arstechnica

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Your refusal to join Twitter is taking a toll - CNET

Though it's popular with an in crowd of entertainers, politicos and hipsters, the microblogging service is having a hard time getting regular people to join. That's a problem, a big problem.

1 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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HBO Now has 800,000 paying subscribers since April launch

HBO Now has gained about 800,000 paying subscribers since it launched on Apple TV in April, contributing significantly to the 2.7 million net new HBO customers last year.

6 hours ago from

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Ten fingers not needed for fast typing, study shows

The number of fingers does not determine typing speed, new study shows. People using self-taught typing strategies were found to be as fast as trained typists.

13 hours ago from

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Tesla revises 'Summon' self-driving feature for added safety

Tesla last month rolled out a new autonomous driving feature as part of version 7.1 of its Model S software. When activated, the Summon feature enables owners to park and retrieve their electric ...

less than a minute ago from Techspot

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