Free-running cheetah robot clears hurdles in a single bound

A four-legged robot with laser vision can easily detect and leap over objects in its path

11 hours ago from Newscientist

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Facebook adds gif support, letting animated images play in news feed

Gifs will now properly display on Facebook, finally letting users see the moving pictures in their news feed.

16 hours ago from The Independent

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Google Wants You to Control Your Gadgets with Finger Gestures, Conductive Clothing

New Google technology addresses the tiny screen problem by letting you control wearables with tiny gestures, or by touching your clothes.Small gadgets such as smart watches can be frustrating ...

7 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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Google Cardboard 2: Hands-on

Today Google dished out a second-generation version of Google Cardboard to Google I/O attendees. We took ours for a spin and tried its new support for 6-inch phones the only way we knew ...

23 hours ago from Gizmag

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Origami Robot Folds Itself Up, Does Cool Stuff, Dissolves Into Nothing

Tiny self-folding magnetically actuated robot creates itself when you want it, disappears when you don't

Thu 28 May 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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Apple Posts Temporary Workaround For iPhone's Crippling Texting Bug

We posted earlier this week about a bizarre bug that strikes when a specific text message is received by an iOS user, either via Messages or SMS. Composed of various unicode characters, receiving ...

13 hours ago from HotHardware

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US Reportedly Launched Stuxnet Attack Against North Korea

A few years ago, a Stuxnet campaign was successfully launched against Iran, hindering the country's nuclear program by causing an overload that destroyed a thousand nuclear centrifuges. In the ...

58 minutes ago from Ubergizmo

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Apple buys a maker of futuristic augmented-reality software

Apple has bought a company that makes augmented-reality software, which adds information or images to real-world scenes when viewed through a special headset or even a smartphone camera.

Thu 28 May 15 from

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Uber's Apps Can Now Track Your Location In The Background

At the moment Uber's app on iOS and Android will only track your location when you launch the app. However in a recent post on Uber's blog, the company has announced that they will be making ...

1 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Google's Project Vault secures your devices with a microSD card

Hackers are getting more brazen and passwords are becoming huge of a pain as we keep signing up for services. Password managers help ease the pain of dealing with security over multiple sites ...

8 hours ago from Engadget

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