How an Amazon Echo recorded a family's private conversation then sent it to a random person

Such an occurrence is 'extremely rare', according to Amazon

Fri 25 May 18 from The Independent

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Egypt's top court orders temporary suspension of YouTube

An Egyptian court has ordered the suspension for one month of video-sharing website, YouTube, and others sharing a video found to be insulting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.

12 hours ago from

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Jury tells Samsung to pay big for copying iPhone design

A federal court jury on Thursday ordered Samsung to pay Apple $533 million for copying iPhone design features in a patent case dating back seven years.

Fri 25 May 18 from

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Why you're getting flooded with privacy notifications in your email

Everyone from Airbnb to Yelp is suddenly updating their terms of service.

Fri 25 May 18 from The Washington Post

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Essential cancels its next smartphone, future of the company in doubt

Andy Rubin's smartphone company is no longer making smartphones.

Fri 25 May 18 from Arstechnica

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Documents Reveal Apple Was Aware of iPhone 6 ‘Bendgate’ Issues Before Launch

Apple denied these problems were widespread, but it worked to mitigate them internally while gaslighting users. The post Documents Reveal Apple Was Aware of iPhone 6 ‘Bendgate’ ...

Fri 25 May 18 from Extremetech

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Apple sees steep increase in U.S. national security requests

Apple released its transparency report on government data requests. Received as many as 16,249 national security requests affecting up to 8,249 accounts during the second half of 2017. ...

Fri 25 May 18 from Daily Mail

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Alien languages might not be that different from ours - CNET

ETs may share a kind of 'universal grammar' with us, say leading linguists like Noam Chomsky.

16 hours ago from CNET

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Landmark EU law is new weapon for data protection campaigner Schrems

As a young Austrian law student, Max Schrems took on Facebook and won, and seven years ago he was already raising the alarm over the flaw Cambridge Analytica allegedly exploited to obtain the ...

Fri 25 May 18 from

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